San Diego Comic Con 2017 – Movies

It’s that time of year again where all things nerd culture converge in San Diego, California where trailers, news, and appreciation for all things pop culture are shown. In this post, I’ll be talking about the film side of Comic Con, whereas all of the things TV related will be in another post, seeing that there’s an absolute crazy amount of content revolving around the world of television. I’ll also be posting a guide down below, so you can go to the page you’re most interested in, whether it be Marvel, DC, Blade Runner, or what-have-you.


Page 1 – 20th Century Fox, Netflix (movies), and other

Page 2 – Warner Bros.

Page 3 – Marvel Studios

20th Century Fox and Netflix

20th century fox and netflix

Comic-Con was filled with exciting news and looks into exciting projects, and both 20th Century Fox and Netflix provided some fun and interesting looks into their upcoming films. To start off, even though Fox didn’t have too much to show film-wise as they’re actively shooting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, New Mutants, and Deadpool 2, we were able to get a look at Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which was an absolute blast to see. I know that there’s this running-complaint that “trailers nowadays just show too much of the movie”, especially with the second trailer *cough*Batman v Superman*cough*, but Kingsman does an excellent job at sucking us into this world without giving much of anything away. It’s two minutes of outstanding action, with really the only story details being that: Julianne Moore is the villain, there’s some sort of population-destroying poison being distributed through drones, and the Kingsmen have to get the help of their American counterparts, the Statesmen, to take down this threat. With that said, I’m really excited for this film as I absolutely loved the first movie with its off-color humor concerning the spy genre, and I can’t wait to see all of the twists and turns that this film has to offer.

Fox didn’t really have much else to offer on the side of films, but had quite a presence in the world of TV. So on we move to an established TV studio but growing film studio in Netflix, as they showcased some footage for their films Bright and Death Note. Bright is a sci-fi buddy-cop film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton under the direction of David Ayer (Suicide Squad, Fury, and End of Watch). The trailer was a pretty fun one to watch, as the buddy-cop element is very apparent as is its message about race relations. This is a very interesting looking film, blending the mystical, sci-fi elements well with the grounded police patrol elements. I do find it a bit odd that the film revolves around the McGuffin of a “magic wand”, and the end shot of Smith just firing a gun was a bit awkward, but I trust Ayer to deliver us a quality film seeing that he doesn’t have much studio interference unlike his previous film, Suicide Squad.

Netflix’s other film they showcased at Comic-Con was Death Note, an adaptation on the popular anime of the same name. I have not actually watched the anime fully, but have only seen bits and pieces here and there, so I don’t really have an affection for it like some fans may have. Netflix released a clip out to the public and screened the film for those in attendance, and from what I’ve seen from the clip, I am whelmed. I thought that the clip did a really good job in creating suspense as we build up slowly but surely to the eventual demise of a character. Although we don’t see the death in the clip, I’m sure the payoff will justify the build up. I also thought that the design of the monster Ryuk was brilliant… when he was far away and blurred a bit. Obscuring him really gave him a looming and dastardly presence, but when we see a close-up of his face, it seems really cartoony and a bit reminiscent of Killer Clowns from Outer SpaceBut, who knows, I could get used to it as the film progresses, and it’s only a few seconds of the clip. Plus Willem Dafoe’s voice is absolutely chilling yet enthralling to be witness to. Overall, I thought both Fox and Netflix did a pretty good job at San Diego Comic-Con.


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