Spider-Man’s Coming Home

Above is a super-cut of all the major film iterations of the wall-crawler. Spider-Man has been one of my favorite superheroes, as my first memories of the character were when I watched Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, his cartoon from the 90’s, and his big-screen debut with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. That trilogy got me into loving the superhero movie genre, and I have continued to love superhero films to this day. I just wanted to make a compilation video that brings together the three iterations of Spider-Man we’ve seen on screen as we head into Spidey’s first solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The video was inspired by NerdyHero, whose video can be found here. I hope that y’all enjoy, and I plan to continue working on videos here and there, but also continue to give y’all my written thoughts consistently.


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