NBA – Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Ricky Rubio for 1st Round Pick From Utah

The day before NBA free-agency brings us some exciting news, the Utah Jazz give up a top 14-protected 1st round pick in exchange for point guard Ricky Rubio. This is a very interesting move on the part of both the Jazz and the Timberwolves. It seems as though Utah has come to terms that former starter George Hill is leaving, so they needed to fill that void with a bona fide player without having to shell out a lot of money. This more than likely means that they will offer their other premiere free-agent to be, Gordon Hayward, a max contract. Who knows what Hayward will decide to do, whether he wants to reunite with his old coach Brad Stevens over in Boston or take his talents over to South Beach to appease his wife who showed interest in wanting to move there.

This is also very interesting for the Timberwolves, as there were talks earlier this week when Jimmy Butler was traded there that Kyle Lowry could be a potential target they could land during free-agency. The Rubio trade would free up some cap-space and would eliminate a potential point guard battle. This would also allow for the Timberwolves to develop 3rd-year player Tyus Jones further to become more of a threat off the bench. With the potential landing of Kyle Lowry, the Timberwolves would more than likely become a playoff team that could advance a couple of rounds. The young talent in Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins supported by the veteran leadership of Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry would definitely make this team “spooky” next season and seasons to come.

Tomorrow is the official start of NBA free-agency, but action has already commenced and pieces are already being put into place with the Chris Paul deal earlier this week and the Ricky Rubio trade today. Happy F5 season y’all.

Images courtesy of Deadspin and YouTube


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